Crawl Space Restoration

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If you’ve spotted any flooding, standing water or excessive moisture, Anytime Flood Restoration can provide relief with fast, professional crawl space restoration.

Located below the first floor of a home or building, a crawl space gives service companies access to the necessary wiring and plumbing of the structure. While useful, flooding can occur and water can sometimes build up in the area. When this happens, a professional water damage company like Anytime Flood Restoration in Denver should be called in as soon as possible for crawl space restoration. If you don’t address the problem right away, you’re likely to see structural damage, as well as create an environment where dangerous mold can grow.

Whether you have an emergency or simply want one of our professional technicians to assess an ongoing issue, get in touch with Anytime Flood Restoration in Denver. We’ll provide a thorough inspection, free estimate, and if necessary, expert crawl space restoration.

Crawl Space Water Damage

In a rarely used or checked crawl space, flooding, water build-up, damp soil and even high humidity all have the potential to cause extensive damage to your home and your health. Like we’ve said, moisture is the enemy of any structure, creating a wide variety of issues.

  • Structural rot leading to buckled, warped and sagging floors, even a termite invasion
  • Mold growth and microbes that can breach your HVAC system and cause health issues
  • Un-mitigated mold can also spread into walls and floors, all the way up to your attic
  • Musty odors, or in case of a sewer leak, horrible smells that penetrate porous materials
  • Water also attracts bugs, vermin and wildlife that live, breed and die under your home

As you can see, crawl space restoration can be vital to your home, as well as your health and the well-being of your family. Don’t let problems go unchecked. Contact Anytime Flood Restoration in Denver for immediate assistance. We love new projects, so let’s get started today!

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