Sewage Cleanup

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In the frustrating event of a sewage back-up, overflow or leak at your home or business, Anytime Flood Restoration offers swift and comprehensive sewage cleanup services. Our certified technicians have the expertise needed to mitigate damage, protecting you and your home from filthy, even dangerous materials. We have the experience, training and tools needed to address the mess then restore your home or business back to normal.

If you experience an emergency requiring sewage cleanup, you are welcome to call Anytime Flood Restoration day or night, 365 days a year. We are here to help, no matter where you live or have a business here in Denver. We’ll send out a technician right away to assess the situation, provide a free estimate and get started on repairs.

Sewage Cleanup and Decontamination Has Three Major Phases

1. Sewage & Water Extraction

Sewage decontamination begins by extracting standing water and sewage using high-powered equipment. Please don’t try this on your own. This extracted water is considered grossly contaminated and can cause a number of health issues. Our technicians will make sure it’s properly discarded in a sanitary sewer system.

2. Assess & Protect Possessions

Once all standing water is removed, we will then remove the contents of the room or space to an unaffected area, being particularly careful not to cross-contaminate. If furniture, decor or other contents have been damaged by the leak, our content restoration experts can pack out your items for cleaning and sanitizing at our facility.

Please note that any porous materials, such as carpet, upholstery or clothing, will need to be discarded. Unfortunately, there is no way to safely restore these items without further risk to your health. If needed, we can help you document these possessions for possible evaluation by your insurance company.

3. Cleaning & Decontamination

Our technicians will then pressure clean all affected semi-porous and non-porous building materials, such as tile, wood, and cement. They will also apply bactericide in order to neutralize bacteria and other contaminants. Finally, technicians will force-dry the area using commercial-grade, structural drying equipment.

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